A CBD User Shares Her Experience

CBD user shares their experience

I have been consistently taking CBD oil for the last six months. I’m always posting it on my Instagram. People are always messaging me asking questions about it.

I’m just also going to share all of the knowledge that I’ve acquired myself over the last several years because even though I’ve been taking it for six months, I have done a lot of personal research on CBD and you know just medical marijuana in general before you get scared off by that right there.

CBD won’t get you high

CBD oil is not something that gets you high. It is part of the plant, the hemp plant, all of that. But CBD itself is the non-psychoactive component meaning no it will not get you high which is one of the main questions I’ve always asked.

No, CBD does not get you high. It is THC in that plant that gets you high. The CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Actually, the brand I’ve been using for six months now has a THC-free option.

Taking CBD is simple. I’ll take it every day, just a few drops under the tongue, hold it for about 1-2 minutes. Good to go.

I use it for pain and anxiety

I have a friend who is a professional boxer and he started getting into CBD for pain relief and the fact that he takes the THC-free version means he won’t fail a drug test. So him being a professional athlete, it’s completely fine for him to take to manage pain and inflammation.

Why do I take CBD? Anxiety is something that has just been something that I’ve dealt with pretty much my whole life and I know so many people can say the same thing. I think it’s just the human condition. Well, I actually have ADD or ADHD or whatever you want to call it. And anxiety is something that just kind of goes with having that. So that is why I wanted to start using CBD oil.

How do I know CBD is working?

I take CBD before bed and I notice when I wake up in the morning I feel way more rested. I got really good sleep quality compared to before and I thought, “OK… this is great!”

The first month of taking CBD, I was not sure if it was the CBD working or if I was just having a really good month emotionally, because that first month I felt really good and productive and calm and driven. After that month when I had run out within a week, noticed all of a sudden I was feeling super anxious again, just like I had always been feeling before that. And then I was like, “Wait, maybe CBD works!”

So of course right away I went and ordered more and started taking it again. And guess what? Once I started taking it again, I felt chilled out and the anxiety dissipated.

I respond better to stress

During my second month, I had money stolen from my bank account. I normally would have been freaking out, worrying and falling apart. Yet because I felt levelled out and that my anxiety was lowered in that situation, I was able to think calmly and rationally. 

“Okay, it’s the bank. They’ll look into the matter and clearly see I’m the victim here. They’re going to reimburse me” – and they did. Yes, regardless of whether I freaked out or not, they would have reimbursed me – but it saved me the pain and the anxiety of being upset by the whole incident.

So that was able to help me in that high-stress situation, which was awesome.

Also, just in general, whenever I don’t take my CBD or I run out or there’s a gap in between when I have it to when I get the next order of it. I’ve noticed the anxiety once again creeping on it, so that’s how I know it’s working for me.

Friends report feeling the benefit

I have had other situations where it’s helped me with my pain. For example, I don’t get a lot of headaches but I got a really bad migraine headache and I took the CBD and it took the headache away pretty quickly. I’ve also had situations where I’ve had friends who’ve had headaches or my sister in law, who suffers from migraine. On CBD they both experienced that headache and migraine pain go away.

There have also been situations where my friends have had like panic attack or hard life situations and they’re like a ball of stress and I’m like, “Hey, have some CBD.” They take it and then within like 15 minutes or so they’re like, “Wow. I think that’s working. I’m feeling a lot more calm.”

CBD helps with my panic attacks

And for myself in general, just a few weeks ago, this was one of the biggest, coolest things that I can say about the CBD oil for me. I woke up in the middle of the night with a full-blown anxiety attack. I took a full dropper of my 1500 milligrams (15%) CBD oil. And within ten minutes – probably five minutes – I was calm. I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I could breathe easier again, “I feel good. I’m okay” and that was the coolest thing for just honestly five minutes for it to take away an anxiety attack. That was the coolest CBD moment, just moment in general that I had personally experienced like, “Wow, this stuff is freaking powerful.”

Our bodies are designed to work with CBD!

Some background information. In the 90s researchers discovered that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. That’s really hard to say. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors. Well, CBD is a cannabinoid, meaning our bodies have these receptors that are perfectly made and compatible with CBD.

There are so many natural foods and minerals and vitamins that are compatible with our bodies and our bodies need those. Well, CBD is a cannabinoid and our bodies happen to have cannabinoid receptors, meaning when you take the CBD, you know it comes in contact with that and it just fits together like a puzzle and levels you out, like it’s made for our bodies.

And for so long science and doctors pretty much ignored the fact that our bodies are designed for CBD! Isn’t that crazy? Does that make any sense to you? Our body literally has a system that is meant to connect with cannabinoids.

I highly recommend you research the endocannabinoid system and how it works with the CBD oil.

How much should you take?

People ask “how much you should take?” I read that there’s no set amount for each person, but suggest starting lower and just working your way up and see what feels best for your body. Dose based off of how it feels to you.

You can’t overdose on it, but obviously, you also don’t want to be wasteful. I personally started by taking the 5% solution but I now use the 15% solution.

I discovered that this is actually a much better deal to do the 1500 milligram, even though the prices more, this bottle makes more economical sense.

Sometimes I will take half a dropper or a full dropper depending on my anxiety levels that day. Or like when I was having a full-on anxiety attack like I thought I should take more because you know the feelings were more intense.

It’s so crazy. It’s this plant that can do so much good for so many different reasons.

Yet there’s so much controversy in different places for it when it does so many good things. The fact that CBD doesn’t get you high if there’re still issues around it in different places, that blows my mind and that’s really sad.

What does CBD oil taste like?

Honestly? It’s not a mojito. It’s not going to win any flavour awards and it can be plain unpleasant – especially the full-spectrum version (made from the entire hemp plant. It’s contains trace amounts of THC but many feel it’s more effective than the THC-free oil). I recommend you wash it down with a cooled mug of tea or coffee. It can have a strong, hemp taste but I’m willing to put up with this for the health benefits and I recommend you do too. CBD has just too many benefits to stop taking it for the sake of a little bitter taste.

Do you have to take it every day for it to be effective?

I would say yes. And you also have to take it consistently for a few days to allow the CBD level to build up in your body before you feel any real benefit. This can take up to a couple of weeks. You should be taking it every day. Just like different supplements and vitamins you’re supposed to take every day to keep things level and regulated. Same with CBD – if you want it to have the full effects, you should be taking it every day.

How many times do I use it each day?

I started out taking CBD twice a day – on waking up and in the evening and I did notice it was giving me really good sleep. I now take it three times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. It can be different for everyone. Find what works for you and make sure you’re taking it every day.

Can it help with long-term pain?

I have only used it for headaches and post-workout soreness, which is a pain and yes, it worked for that, but I have heard other people who do use it for pain who have great things to say and that it works for them. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

CBD is not a magic bullet

Of course, CBD is not going to change your life circumstances. It’s not going to change your thought patterns necessarily, but it is going to take away that extra edge of pressure and you know that tense feeling that you get when you have anxiety. It’s going to take that away, which makes it way easier to think more clearly. CBD is not magic that’s going to fix your entire life. You still have to clearly work on things in your life if you’re having a tough time. But CBD will give you a window of calmness from which to make better decisions. The tense anxious feeling will dampen down and you will feel much more at ease.

CBD combined with good decisions will improve your life in all areas.

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